Bread collection

The Fields Blend

It was late summer 2020. I had a trip to the countryside, full of beautiful landscapes, golden fields, the smell of upcoming autumn has been already in the air, I was watching the farmers harvesting their wheat. Every moment of that day had been my inspiration for creating this bread series. The tiny seed, I have later found in the bag with rye grains, became the symbol of the series. I have also released the postcards with this photo and packed them with every order of the series.

The idea was to show my customers my own vision and approach to making the country bread. Each bread of the series is made of blend of various cereals, which brings the bread its unique character, flavour and aroma. I have decided to make all the breads using rye sourdough, as it stands for me more old, country styled, and gives the dough a boost of unique flavours during the fermentation.

The series consists of three breads, each has its unique flavour textures and character, starting from light rye and going towards the most tasteful and complex rye porridge bread.